A Walk in the Park: Bethany Patten 

Couldn’t resist getting some pictures of my lovely friend, Bethany Patten, at the nature preserve on such a wonderful day! Still testing out the limits and capabilities of my camera, so be on the lookout for more photo shoots to come. If interested in getting a portrait, please feel free to email me or contact […]

Potter’s Ranch: Retreat Center

“Potter’s Ranch wilderness retreat facility exists to provide the most beneficial environment to develop our nation’s most valuable resources…our youth, adults and families.Located 35 miles south of Cincinnati, in a 630 acre wilderness setting near the Ohio River, Potter’s Ranch exudes peace, tranquility and natural beauty along Gunpowder Creek which borders our ranch.Various activities offer […]

NKU’s Abraham Lincoln

“Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase had a long history together that included Lincoln’s appointing Chase Secretary of the Treasury of the United States in 1861 and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States in 1864. A quote Lincoln made regarding Salmon Chase is at the foot of the sculpture: “Of all the […]